Café Bichon - The Original Painting

Café Bichon - The Original Painting
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Description of Artwork

Café Bichon - The Original Painting
"CAFÉ BICHON" measures 48" x 60". This painting reflects the great tradition of Vintage Advertising Poster Art. This painting was such a pleasure to paint. I chose the Café theme with the accented e to reflect the French background of the Bichon. I think the black background made for ideal background color evoking a sense of a darkened French Café - the romance of the left bank of Paris. Generally in France when you order a coffee drink it is served with a sugar cube and a little spoon to stir the coffee and thus the spoon.

The colors of this painting make it a stunning and versatile piece. It would be beautiful in a dinning area, a large kitchen wall or family gathering area. It would honor a great little dog and provide that romantic ambiance for your home.

This is a larger painting and they are beautiful apartments as well as large homes. Paintings that fill a space make a bold statement.

This painting is on stretched gallery wrapped canvas. The sides are painted (the painting is about 1 1/2" deep. It can be hung as is or you can have it framed.

This is a perfect painting for a kitchen or family area.