Item# cafe-press-custom-products--design-fee

Description of Artwork

A pet's name or any proper name can be substituted for the breed name on my art just like on the custom prints and then dozens of product options will be available with your customization.

Here's how to do it.

1. Purchase this design fee.

2. At check out, enter the artwork you want customized then the name you want used. For example: Artwork - Pug Orange Juice. Dog's name - Roscoe

3. I'll then modify it for Cafe Press and let you know the products are available.

4. If you've bought a custom print or or commissioned painting, there is no charge. Your artwork will automatically be added to Cafe Press products.


Names can be in the possessive, example: change PUG ORANGE JUICE to ROSCOE'S ORANGE JUICE.

In most cases more than one name can be used.

In many cases background colors can be changed.

The colors of the dogs and cats can't be changed.

Questions? send me an email.