Casa di Scout - Commission

Casa di Scout - Commission
Item# casa-di-scout--commission

Description of Artwork

This painting is about Scout - a Shih Tzu living in Boston. The size is 36" x 48"

Here is what Scout's mom had to say about Scout when we started the project.

"A little about our doghter (daughter) Scout: Scout loves to be at eye level! Especially if Marty and I are having a conversation or on the computer. She has to sit and look at you at eye level. She loves treats!! Scout is not a great eater, but put 3 different type of treats on the floor in front of her and she will sniff each one about 2/3 times and then decide which one to take. We don't give her human food, but when the pizza guy shows up she goes crazy. She loves pizza! Scout loves humans hates/dislikes dogs. It just seems that she couldn't be bothered by them."

I decided to make the pizza the primary focus (sausage and onion pizza is their favorite) with the wine supporting it. "Casa di Scout" is "Scout's House" in Italian.

Note: The wine bottle reads "Vino di Scout" and the small lettering on the label reads, "Imported by Taylor & Dolan" the last names of Scout's parents. Scout is also on the cork

Here's what Scout's mom had to say about the painting when she saw it.

"Ken --- OH MY GOD!!!! Thank you so much!!! I can't believe how you captured Scout (especially her face)! This painting goes above and beyond my expectations!! You are truly an amazing, gifted and very talented artist!! I feel very honored to have this painting hang in our house!! I can't say thank you enough!!! The attention to detail is great! (The funny thing is she actually does get a lot of food stuck on her face!) Hahahaha."

Elizabeth Tucker