Custom Shepherd's Bock Beer

Custom Shepherd's Bock Beer
Item# custom-shepherd39s-bock-be39

Description of Artwork

A special artwork. A special gift.

Customize this print with a pet's name or any reasonable name or names. A petís name replaces YOUR DOG'S NAME on the print. The name canl also replace the Shepherd on the bottle and first initial can replace the S on the bottle.

Other options such as background color are possible. Please contact me if you have a special request.

When ordering, put the pet's name or the name(s) to be used in the comment section of the order form.

Multiple names are possible on most prints - contact me if wanting more than two.

Sizes #1 through #4 are printed on fine art paper. Size #5 is printed on canvas. Inks and materials are archival or acid free.

These are hand signed. A certificate of Authenticity is included.

Size #1 Unmatted Paper size 8 1/2" x 11" (image size 6 1/2" x 8 1/2") - $79.50

Size #1 Matted Size 11" x 14" (image size 6 1/2" x 8 1/2") - $89.50

Size #2 Unmatted Paper size 13" x 19" (image size 16" x 12") - $155.00

Size #2 Matted Size 18" x 24" (image size 16" x 12") - $170.00

Size #3 Image Size 27" x 20" $285.00

Size #4 Image Size 40" x 30" $465.00

Size #5 Image Size 56" x 42" - $615.00

When ordering, simply put the pet's name (or named to be used) in the comment section of the order form.