Custom images for Cafe Press Products

Custom images for Cafe Press Products
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Description of Artwork

Want a pet's name on one of my designs for products from my Cafe Press Product Site? The design fee is $10.00 for each customized artwork.

Here's how it works.

1. Click the Add to cart button above. It will take you to an order page. On the comment section, enter the name of my artwork and the pet's name. The name can be as is or in the possessive. For example a Black Dog Cookies artwork customized for a dog named Rover could either read, "Rover's Cookies" or "Rover Cookies".

2. After the purchase is made, I'll alter the artwork (within 24 hours in most cases) and send you a copy of the image for approval.

3. Once approved, I'll load the design to Cafe Press and send you the link.

4. You then will be able to order and that page with your custom art will be there indefinitely.

To see the available products, click the Cafe Press link below.